Sorrento Dreaming Food and Drink

Choose where to eat

If you are a lover of refined restaurants but at the same time specialise in typical local cuisine, Sorrento offers an ample selection of warm and characteristic restaurants, not least, for innovative and culinary creativity.

The gastronomy is based on a cuisine made prevalently from a first course followed by a second course of fish and meat with a side of local vegetables.

If you wish to taste the fantastic and sophisticated elaborations of revisited cuisine, the Sorrentine Peninsular offers an ample concentration of restaurants that have conquered a Michelin star.

Strong hold of a new culinary experience, the new tradition blends flavours and fragrances in combinations which, a number of years ago were thought impossible.

To taste true Sorrento cuisine and overindulge, it is well worth your while to choose a local trattoria.  The local trattorie are famous for their gastronomical offers executed according to tradition with genuine natural products

Still yet, you cannot forget to mention pizza.  The true pizza was born in Naples but Sorrento also boasts a tradition in every respect.

Sorrento’s pizzerie, besides offering a good assortment of tastes, offers also the possibility of tasting Sorrento’s mozzarella, vegetables marinated in vinegar and local cold meats.  Finally, the symbol of the socio-economic revitalization of rural Sorrento, are the agriturismi.