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Capri: Sea and Nature

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Leaving Anacapri, you reach the highest point of the island,Monte Solaro (589m), accessible by a handy chairlift that takes you to the summit in just 12 minutes.  For the more sport minded and lovers of nature walks, you can climb up via a walk of about one hour.

At the summit, you can admire an amazing panorama, immersed in fascinating vegetation.

Also in Anacapri, is the Oasis of  WWF Barbarossa,  a stopover site during the migration of  birds, with rare and interesting Mediterranean plants.  Continuing versa Capri, you pass from the green itinerary to the itinerary of the sea.

First stop is the Natural Arch, a rock that arches above the sea.  From here, there is a steep staircase leading to the cave- nymphaeum Matermania (Grotto of Matermania), an impressive natural cavern.  You then continue until you arrive at the belvedere di Tagara, at the shoulder of the Certosa.

Capri however, is renowned in all of the world for its oasis of marine caves.  A stop not to be missed is the Blue Grotto¸ an ancient cave so called because of the filtered light penetrates the water and refracting blue hues.

Also worth visiting are the Green Grotto and the White Grotto.  A tour by boat is the best way to enjoy the Caprese sea and its natural monuments.

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