Sorrento Dreaming What to Do in Sorrento

What to Do in Sorrento


Nature trials Sottento Coast

The territory of the Sorrentine Peninsula is rich with many nature trails that in many cases conserve their ancient trial... read more-→
Isola di Capri

Events in Capri

One of the most awaited and important events of the island is the Capri Summer Festival, held between May to... read more-→
Veduta notturna della penisola sorrentina

Sorrento by Night

Whether you are a Sorrentine local searching for something special or a tourist, our selections of night spots and pubs... read more-→

Cinema and theatre

There are a total of three cinemas and theatres in... read more-→

Itinerari di trekking a Sorrento – Parte Prima

Perdersi nelle bellezze del paesaggio. Camminare tra le vie di un antico borgo. Scoprire piccoli tesori al di fuori dei... read more-→