Sorrento Dreaming Sorrento Weddings Wedding in Sorrento: Music, entertainment and decorations

Wedding in Sorrento: Music, entertainment and decorations

05 August 2010 | No comments

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You ceremony will be more evocative with musical accompaniment.

It is very important to choose good musical entertainment to entertain your guests and to accompany, in grand style, the most beautiful day of your life.

The flowers are indispensable in creating the right atmosphere for a happy wedding.  Choose your florist with care at least three months before.  Inform the florist all the particulars of the ceremony.  Show a sample of your wedding dress, the location of the ceremony and the reception.

Consult our selection of expert florists and musical entertainers.  The choice of flowers and decorations will bestow a touch of colour and class to your ceremony.

Our selection includes florists who may realise your wedding bouquet, centre pieces, bouquets for the bridal party and flowers for the wedding cake.


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