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The ”Pesce Azzurro” Festival in Sorrento

24 September 2010 | 1 comment

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Saturday, October 9th 2010 the ‘’Pesce Azzurro’’ Festival (Bluefish Festival) will be held in Sorrento on the shores of the spectacular Marina Grande.
This historic area of Sorrento, populated mainly by local fisherman and their families, will see them fish the fresh, nutritious local varieties throughout the entire day, therefore the Festival will only begin at 7 pm when the fishing boats will have returned and the fresh catch can be prepared and ready for tasting by the many tourists and locals that come experience this Sorrentine tradition.

Different types of prepared specialties will be available for tasting, like the famous pasta e fagioli with mussels,fried calamari and shrimp and much more, everything obviously accompanied by great local wines.

The ‘’Pesce Azzurro’’ is a traditional Sorrentine event to not miss; whoever may feel like tasting these genuine specialties, immerging in the aromas of fresh catch and salty shores ,the ‘’Pesce Azzurro’’ Festival in Marina Grande is where to be!

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