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Walnuts of Sorrento

21 December 2009 | No comments

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The presence of walnut trees, for centuries, characterised the hilly Sorrentine landscape and at one time was the one of the few produce the farmers from mountain areas could rely on during the winter months.

The characteristics that distinguish the walnut of Sorrento are the scarcity of oiliness, the strong taste and the ease of extracting the nut kernel from the husk. Of variable dimensions, but generally medium-small, it has an oval or round form; light brown shell and kernel; delicate aroma and a pleasantly bitter taste.

Sorrento walnuts are delicious eaten fresh, when it is still possible to eliminate the thin peel that circulates the nut kernel.

Only during its season period, generally between September and October, do the walnuts have this characteristic and the taste of the nut is significantly different, less firm and more delicate than those dried.


Naturally good alone, the walnut is largely used in numerous recipes, including sauces as well being used as an important ingredient in the confectionary industry.


Provided that it is dry, you can compliment it with a moderately sweet wine, of good body, and even a red. Moreover, you can eat it by complimenting it with a degustation of cheeses and honey to liven up the flavour of the dish.

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