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The Fiordilatte of Sorrento

23 December 2009 | No comments

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The fiordilatte is a stringy cheese, obtained through the fermentation of cow’s milk. It is generally round in appearance but may also find it commercially in the form of a braid, knot shaped or other forms of variable sizes

Of a white porcelain colour, the surface is smooth and homogeneous, with a tender consistency. The aroma is delicate and fresh, recalling the smell of milk.

The milk that is used for the preparation may be of the same milking or multiple milkings, so long as the milking does not exceed 16 hours from the other. To guarantee freshness, the delivery of milk from the dairies is made within 24 hours of milking. The system of production follows diverse phases that ranges from heating the milk, coagulation, cutting the curd, spinning, molding, curing and packing.

The recommendation of Sorrento dreaming is to taste the very famous braid of Apreda, a cheese made according to tradition which is of a unique flavour and intense aroma


It is consumed in its natural state or as an ingredient used in the preparation of other dishes, on pizza and on the caprese salad. It is a perfect accompaniment for vegetables and mixed salads.


It compliments a young white wine, preferably Greco di Tufo, Fiao, Falanghina, Coda di Volpe.

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