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Sorrento Wine Bars

15 May 2010 | No comments

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If you are a lover of wine and want to sip a good glass of Sorrento wine, wine bars are the ideal place where you can spend a tranquil evening, accompanied by light meals and snacks to whet your appetite.

The Sorrento wineries are in general very well supplied and present a list that is 90% composed of the wine labels. The cellar is divided prevalently by Italian regions with some presence of external wines.

For some wines, it is possible to order wine by the glass. In this case, the choices are more limited, whilst, if you aspire for a more renowned and less commercial wine label, it is best to acquire a bottle.

As for food, you may accompany the wine with a selection of salami or cheese in which it is possible to add honey or marmalade. You may sample bruschette (toasted bread topped with specialties such as freshly chopped tomatoes and basil), or even typical local cuisine such as soup, croutons and rustic cakes. The menu depends on the winery that you choose and can change according to the day of the week.

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