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Sorrento Typical Products

24 December 2009 | No comments

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The gastronomy of the Peninsular displays certain vitality with the numerous typical products DOP (protected designation of origin) and local specialties.  Thanks to its geography, the Sorrentine Peninsular is a particular territory adapted to the production of olive oil, citrus and nuts.

The oil of the Sorrentine Peninsular is full bodied yet balanced in taste which supports the current gastronomical trends which are more attentive to the harmony rather than to the aggressiveness of flavour.  The oil is perfect to dress a local salad, like the traditional caprese which is based on mozzarella and tomatoes and to flavour a plate of fish.

The area of Sorrento also plays the function of a very large vegetable garden and orchard and offers all the ingredients necessary for a very diverse cuisine.  It is reported that the coast are the best producers of lemons in the world, like the celebrated lemon of the coast of Sorrento, renowned for its juicy flesh with little seeds and intense aroma.  Not to be missed are the delicious vegetables, like for example the delicious artichokes of Colli di Fontanelle and the San Marzano tomatoes which are sweet with a juicy flesh.

The most famous product is certainly the Mozzarella, whose variety is the most consumed Fiordilatte produced with cow’s milk.

A real specialty is the provolone del Monaco, a pear shaped cheese, with a strong yellow skin and which is characterised by an intense aroma, that, once placed in your mouth, emits an intense flavour. It is the only product of the Sorrentine Peninsular that is left to mature in caves and cellars. Finally, you cannot fail to mention the famousLimoncello of Sorrento.

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