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Sorrento Rotisseries and Paninoteche

17 May 2010 | 1 comment

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Arancini, crocchette, calzoni, rustici and stuffed vegetables are found in Sorrento’s tasty rotisseries, too often underestimated or unknown by tourists in Sorrento.

The rotisseries are the most famous “take away” in the area where, teenagers, adults and children concede to the sin of gluttony when there is no time to cook.  Sorrento’s rotisseries offer an enormous selection and know how to entice even the most resistant palate.

For those who desire a light snack, these locations are a real must in Sorrento!

Still yet, one cannot fail to mention Sorrento’s paninoteche, the meeting place for all the young of the area, offering a vast assortment of panini (bread rolls) for all tastes.

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