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Sorrento Limoncello

16 December 2009 | No comments

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The essential ingredient for the preparation of the original Sorrento Limoncello is the yellow wrinkled peel of theSorrento lemon IGP (protected geographical indication). In fact the rind has a wealth of essential oils and has a firm aroma. The Limoncello was born of a simple and wholesome recipe, enriched with water, alcohol and sugar.

The preparation is very simple which can be prepared also at home following a few meticulous steps that sees the time for production around three months. The traditional recipe, in fact, requires that the skin should be emerged in alcohol for more than two months.

The paternity of the Limoncello is contended still today between Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri. The abundance of legend renders it difficult to establish who the first inventor of the Limoncello really was.

The traditional yellow liqueur is a product today consumed in all of the Sorrentine Peninsular and the surrounding areas. Its unique taste makes it suitable for many occasions: as an aperativo or digestive, served cold or also mixed in tonic water or champagne, on gelato and fruit salad. In Sorrento, the Limoncello closes above all, lunch or dinner and has become a habit almost on par with that of coffee.

For those who desire to prepare the Limoncello, it is enough to follow the steps of the Sorrento dreaming recipe or instead, acquire a bottle in one of the many shops of Sorrento that sell this typical product.

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