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Provolone del monaco

18 December 2009 | No comments

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The name of this cheese refers to the custom of dressing canvass coats by the monks of the area. The provolone del Monaco is a spun cheese made from cow’s milk, in which at least 20% of the milk is of an Agerolese breed (a beef variety typically from Agerola) and kid curd.

Once formed, the curd is broken with the help of the “sassa”, a wooden instrument traditionally used for this purpose. This milky mass is then separated from the serum and subjected to spinning, passing through hot water. Following the grinding of the mixture, generally in the form of a pear, it is salted in a brine broth. The work is concluded with aging of up to two years.

After this period, the provola assumes a thin peel of golden yellow colour that then transforms into a light brown, with the possibility of reddish hues. The cheese is a cream colour, compact and has a dairy aroma. The taste is sweet when young, which becomes very sharp with aging.


It can be tasted on its own, naturally, on a slice of homemade bread, but can also flavour many culinary dishes.

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