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Lemons of Sorrento IGP

22 December 2009 | No comments

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The lemon groves of Sorrento are strongly characterised by the landscape of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Occupying the small area of coastal terraces, they are developed under the “pagliarelle”, strong mats supported by wooden poles, which protect the fruit from the elements and from excess sun exposure.

Right under this, grows the precious Sorrento lemons, recognised by their intense and enticing lemon fragrance and juicy pulp.

The harvest is usually performed during the period from February to October and is made by hand, as the direct contact between the lemon and the land must be prevented.

Sorrento’s lemons have an oval form and are of a medium to large size, with the peel and the pulp of a straw colour, vivid and solar.


The lemon is consumed naturally, used to dress fish, salads and meat and to flavour sweets and other culinary preparations. It is used in the preparation of granite (ice slush) and sorbets. In a patisserie, it is used in various cakes including the most famous delizia al limone and finally for the preparation of the Limoncello.

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