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Sorrento Oranges

17 December 2009 | No comments

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The cultivation of the orange, together with that of the lemon, has always constituted an important source of income for the Sorrentine Peninsular, generating through the centuries, an intense exportation by the sea, to the main Italian and European markets.

Similar to the cultivation of the lemon, the Sorrentine orange, comes cultivated under the wood scaffolding that can range also 7 metres in height, over which are placed straw mats called “pagliarelle” used for the protection of the wind and cold.

The typical Sorrentine orange carries the name of “Biondo Sorrentino”, which has a more or less, intense yellowy orange colour and is characterised by numerous compartments, constantly seedless and an abundance of juice and sugar. The harvest begins in the month of May and continues until the beginning of August in respect of delayed flowering.

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