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Antiche mura di Sorrento

The ancient walls of Sorrento

Till September 30,walk along side the ancient walls of Sorrento, after a long period of restoration, open to public now... read more-→
Museo Correale Sorrento

Correale Museum Sorrento

Considered a real jewel of the city of Sorrento, the museum due to its wealth in artwork is a must... read more-→
Panorama Marina Grande, Sorrento

The seaside village of Marina Grande

Marina Grande is one of Sorrento’s locations only partially affected by the influence of the city’s tourism.... read more-→
Chiostro di San Francesco

The villa Communale and the Cloister of Saint Francis

Alongside the public garden, stands the charming cloister of Saint Francis, where many city musical events are celebrated and at... read more-→
Santa Maria del Carmine, Piazza Tasso Sorrento

The historical centre and Sorrento’s most important monuments

Sorrento’s historical centre has the usual greek-roman parallel roads around the major decuman of Via San Cesareo and the... read more-→



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