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The villa Communale and the Cloister of Saint Francis

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From Piazza Sant’Antonio (Saint Anthony square) you reach the villa Comunale, one of the most panoramic points of the city.

The villa was built between 1877 and 1879 and stands in the gardens of the Francescan friars overlooking the sea.  The ideal place for a walk, the villa has mature trees where you can rest during the summer months and enjoy the pleasant breeze.

From the villa, there is a descent to the sea, where you can reach Marina Piccola via a pleasant walk or more conveniently by using the elevator.

San Francesco, Sorrento villa comunale

Alongside the public garden, stands the charming cloister of Saint Francis, where many city musical events are celebrated and at the same time, many wedding ceremonies.  The cloister dating from the fourteenth or fifteenth century is composed of diverse styles due to its many restorations in the course of the years.

The ground floor is characterised by the arcades of columns  and tuff arches  that form bifora (mullioned windows) of a lunar shape and carved capitals which mark the various families who have funded the restoration over the eras.

For example, the capitals of the north side have the Sersale coat of arms engraved while those on the east side and south have plant motifs which date back to the Byzantine influence.


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