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The popular traditions of Ischia

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In Ischia Porti, Saint Alexander is celebrated on 26 August with a representation in period costumes, of the whole history of the island, accompanied by flag wavers.

In Ischia Ponte, the most famous festival of Ischia is celebrated, that of 26 July in honour of Saint Anne, protector of the fishermen.  Tourists participate in the traditional parade of floats built on floating rafts.  The event ends with fires from the Tower of Michelangelo and the Castle.

In Forio, the peasantry is celebrated during the festival of Easter Monday with the “ndrezzata” a popular dance.

The dancers, dressed in typical costumes of white, red and green and equipped with “mazzrielli” (sticks) and swords, dance to the rhythm of folk music. The dance has its origins from the propitiatory rites of peasants pertaining to fertility.

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