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The seaside village of Marina Grande

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Panorama Marina Grande, Sorrento

Marina Grande is one of Sorrento’s locations only partially affected by the influence of the city’s tourism.  It still conserves its ancient fishing village characteristics which is linked inextricably to the life of the sea.

The village is accessible both through via del Mare (at the end of Via del Corso) and through an ancient pedestrian walkway constructed from large blocks of  limestone, which is accessible from Piazza della Victoria.

Today Marina Grande is a small close-knit community centre, fiercely attached to their family values, traditions and religious work. Still in existence, is an agreement throughout the community that the beach is collectively to be used for work and leisure.

It is a place where every year on July 26, the feast of St. Anne is celebrated.  During this occasion, the village breathes an air of great festivity, classic stalls are set up and the marina is lit up with colourful lights and full of boats.  The event last all the night with music and dance and concludes with an evocative fireworks display.

The village, in addition to homes and fishing boats, sees the presence of some restaurants that overlook the sea which are characterised by seafood specialties.

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