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Sorrento Coast Boat Hire

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In Sorrento you can find diverse boat hire companies. You do not require a license should you hire a boat with less than 40 horse power.

You can choose from diverse boats, like a gomme (a type of inflatable rubber boat), lancia (a type of speed boat) or gozzo (a type of boat used for fishing), which are all typical local boats, and go on an adventure between the beauties of the coast with the use of a map.

The boat hire companies that rent the boats will provide you with all the information about the areas to visit and the areas in which it is forbidden to navigate, bath or fish within the reserve of the Marine Park of Punta della Campanella.

The major part of the Sorrento Coast pertains to the protected Marine Park area of Punta della Campanella, which is divided into three areas:

  • A: Fully protected reserve zone
  • B: General protected reserve zone
  • C: partially protected reserve zone

Nautica Sic Sic

Enjoy the beautiful crystal waters and vistas of the breathtaking coastlines between Sorrento and Amalfi by renting your private boat from Nautica Sic Sic boat rental service.
By hiring a boat in Sorrento you can discover over 38 km of coastline, characterised by small bays, isolated inlets, fine shingle beaches and beautiful coves, and you can spend a unique day in siren land.

With Nautica Sic Sic you can hire boats of every type, ranging from rubber dinghies, fast motor boats and Sorrento boats to large luxury yachts, with engines suitable even for sailors without a licence.

The company fleet is made up of boats in perfect condition which have the best standards of instruments and equipment to guarantee maximum comfort and safety on the sea.
The nautical base is situated at the heart of the port of Sorrento, from where one can easily reach some of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, such as Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Ischia and Procida. The position of the port of Marina Piccola also makes it easily reachable by car.
Nautica Sic Sic’s staff awaits you to help you choose the best solution for your needs, from the choice of boat to itineraries.

Contacts Nautica Sic Sic

Address: Via Marina Piccola, 43
80067 – Sorrento (Napoli)
Tel: 081.8072283
Fax: 081.8072283
Web Site:

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