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Events, festivals and festivities Sorrento

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The calendar of events in Sorrento is hectic all year: every month the city and its surrounding areas are animated by local festivals, patron festivals, folklore festivities and cultural events for all tastes.

The local festivals are probably one of the best ways to come into contact with Sorrento’s culture and to taste real typical local produce.

The countryside of the Sorrentine Peninsular is rich in many materials throughout the year and for this reason farmers have assigned a festival to every product.

Originally, the festivals were related to trade in agricultural products but over time, they have increasingly emerged as modes of recreation for the local population and attractions for tourists.

Not only Sorrento but also all the small towns of the coast are animated with these celebrations during which, more or less, important events are organised.

The patron festivals, however, represent an occasion to celebrate the strong relationship that the locals have with religion.  Each town has its own patron saint that is celebrated, venerated and carried in glory with great participation by the locals.

Finally, to the enjoyment of all are the organised events in Sorrento of various genres ranging from music, to cinema and the theatre, art, culture, archaeology and gastronomy. Every month is time for festivity in Sorrento!

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