Sorrento Dreaming Sorrento Weddings Wedding in Sorrento – A year of preparations

Wedding in Sorrento – A year of preparations

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12 months to the wedding date

  • Contact the priest of the church where you will marry;
  • Choose your wedding reception and verify its availability;
  • Decide what your future house will be;
  • Inform yourself as to whether your city holds any bridal fairs. Mark the date on your calendar.

9 months to the wedding date

  • Attend a marriage course or spiritual talks;
  • Fix the wedding date in your chosen church or town hall;
  • Book the wedding reception;
  • Choose furniture for your home;
  • Buy the trousseau, both for the home and personal use.

6 months to the wedding date

  • Commence preparations for the wedding documents, but remember that some only have a maximum three month validity;
  • Start to orientate yourself on your wedding dress, having a look at magazines, web sites and attend specialised fashion houses;
  • Check your weight. If necessary, go on a diet to reduce, with calm, those excess kilos;
  • Select and advise your witnesses;
  • Commence to inform yourself on your honeymoon.

5 months to the wedding date

  • Choose your wedding dress, your shoes and your accessories;
  • Compile your first invitation list and who to send the invitations;
  • Find the shops where you wish to hold your bridal registry;
  • Decide on the invitations, the type of print and the thank you cards;
  • Choose and order your bomboniere and confetti.

3 months to the wedding date

  • Book your honeymoon;
  • Choose your photographer;
  • Contact the florist for the church and reception decorations and your bouquet;
  • Choose your music for the ceremony and if you wish, for the reception;
  • If you live in a small city or town, it is the moment to prepare the documents for the church;
  • Arrange the wedding car for the bride.

2 months to the wedding date

  • The groom should choose and buy his wedding attire;
  • If you wish, choose your flower girl and page boy;
  • Draw up the invitation list;
  • Send the invitations;
  • Acquire the wedding rings;
  • Choose the reception menu and the wedding cake;
  • On your wedding dress fitting, define your accessories, make up and hairstyle;
  • Choose your wedding shoes;
  • Order your bomboniere to arrive at the bride’s home.

1 month to the wedding date

  • Publish your wedding in the town hall and the church;
  • Choose the readings and prepare the wedding booklets for the mass;
  • Provide the reception with the number of invitees;
  • Print the wedding menu at the printer;
  • Plan the precise placement of tables and seats in the reception.

3 weeks to the wedding date

  • The mothers of the bride and groom should decide their appropriate attire;
  • Visit the church and the place where the reception will be held, together with the florist, photographer and musician.

2 weeks to the wedding date

  • Organise a lunch rehearsal;
  • Verify the number of acceptances for the reception and urge the undecided;
  • Prepare maps indicating how to arrive at the reception;
  • The groom picks up the wedding rings, chooses and orders the bouquet;
  • The bride acquires the ring cushion;
  • Establish with the photographer a list of shots.

7 days to the wedding date

  • Commence to prepare your luggage for the honeymoon;
  • Organise your hen’s and buck’s parties;
  • Instruct the page boy and flower girl;
  • Contact all suppliers again by telephone;
  • Communicate with the restaurant the exact numbers of guests;
  • Retouch cut and hair colour;
  • Submit yourself to a full body exfoliation treatment;
  • The bride picks up her wedding dress. Check the dress in its minimal detail;
  • Confirm the appointments with the hairstylist and makeup artist. Verify also the photographer and driver.

5 days to the wedding date

  • Think of readers for the prayers of the faithful and readings during the ceremony;
  • Ask the disposition of two or three friends or family to attend to the details of the ceremony and the reception (such as distributing the wedding books in the church, accommodating your guests and distributing the maps for the restaurant).

2 days to the wedding date

  • Final wedding dress trial;
  • Fix an appointment with the manicurist for a manicure, pedicure and general waxing. Ask for a relaxing massage to relieve stress and tension.

24 hours to the wedding date

  • Go to church to receive the sacrament of confession, if you marry under a religious rite;
  • Don’t forget to check the layout of the tables, equipment, decorations and table settings.

12 hours to the wedding date

  • Trust a mother or friend with all that you need to retouch your makeup. Add also a pair of stockings as a reserve;
  • Rest and relax with a good bath.

8 hours to the wedding date

  • To finish the day and relieve the stress, enjoy a relaxing massage;
  • Do deep breathing exercises;
  • Reconcile yourself to a good sleep with a cup of herbal tea.

We’re here!!

  • The groom must deliver the bouquet to the bride;
  • The testimonies of the groom receive the wedding rings;
  • The groom prepares the envelope for the church offering;
  • Attend to your manicure, makeup and hairstyle;
  • The photographer arrives at the bride’s house in anticipation.

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