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Wedding in Sorrento – Hair styling and Make up

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Contact your hair stylist and make up artist well in advance and ensure that they specialise in wedding hairstyling and make up.

The hair stylist will know how to advise and choose with you the hair style most adapt to your face and personality.

Show a photo of the dress, to create a more effective combination: elegant, sophisticated, romantic or modern.

We have selected only hair stylists and make up artists with extensive experience in the realisation of wedding services.

You can decide whether to have your hair styled directly in the beauty salon or instead request this service directly in your hotel or whatever location in which you choose.

For the younger bride

You can have your hair down. In this case, the hair stylist will pin your veil using camouflaged hair clips. If you have a wedding dress which emphasizes the shoulders, it is ideal to comb your hair up.

For the older bride

For you, it is suggested a more sophisticated hairstyle. Do you prefer simple and elegant or instead more opulent accompanied by braids, pearls, rhinestones or brooches? It will be your character that guides you, but don’t exceed on accessories. It is best to focus on simplicity. In this way, you will be more secure that your hairstyle will hold all day. The veil will be pinned with a pretty barrette or comb on the head. Some hairstyles allow the application of the veil low on the nape of the neck.

Do you have short hair?

You can get hairstyles, able to make you beautiful, even with short hair. It is important that your hair is expertly combed and worked with gel.

Expert hairstylists know how to produce an effective hairstyle even with the shortest length. If you do not want to give up a more elaborate hair style, ask your hairstylist to use hair extensions. Today, they are all quite natural.

After the ceremony

Your head should be free, to make you feel at ease. If you feel like removing your veil, hat or tiara without making a disaster of your hairstyle, ask the hairstylist to make this operation as easy as possible by creating an easy hairstyle to touch up and by not exaggerating the pins and hairspray.


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