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The Japan Festival in Sorrento

04 January 2011 | No comments

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The Japan Festival – the Rising Sun comes to Sorrento

The final time has come for the Japan Festival in Sorrento. Last of this three year event, the festival will be held onMarch 25th 2011 to the 27th. If you’re fascinated by Japanese culture, be sure not miss this event!

Following Florence, Venice, Rome and Palermo, Sorrento will become one of the cities that have held the event, welcoming also the Japanese ambassadors in Italy. Two days of music, dances and Japanese traditions will be exhibited, mainly focusing though on Oriental composed paintings and Japanese floral artworks.

The Japan Festival is without doubt an event that attracts the attention of many people, from researches of the area to those who are simply captured by this wonderful country’s art and culture.

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