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Festival of the Riavulillo Vico Equense

13 July 2009 | No comments

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Type of event: Gastronomical festival
Event date: During August
Location: Arola, district of Vico Equense.

This festival is dedicated to the Riavulillo (little devil), a small cheese pasta, which is spun and smoked, and is held every year in Arola, in the community of Vico Equense.

The festival of Riavvuillo is a much awaited moment for all the lovers of culinary traditions and stands out among all the Festivals of the Sorrentine Peninsula, for its gastronomical specialties, good music and performances of various kinds.

Riavulillo is served on its own or stuffed into sandwiches with all the trimmings, and is accompanied by local wine to the delight of every gourmet.

Absolutely not to be missed is Provolone del Monaco (cheese), served with local honey which enhances its flavour.

Moreover, the festival offers the possibility of tasting a vast choice of traditional sweets from Antica Pasticceria Buonocore and Limoncello from Gioia Luisa.

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