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Festival of the eggplant Vico Equense

17 July 2009 | No comments

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Type of event: gastronomical/artistic festival
Event date: 20/21 August
Location: Preazzano, Vico Equense

The festival of the eggplant is an exhibition of a variety of local gastronomical eggplant dishes.

The variety of eggplant dishes is truly remarkable: eggplant and chocolate, anise (aniseed) and mushrooms; eggplant balls, eggplant penne, eggplant parmesan and many other dishes of Sorrentine cuisine, accompanied with local wine and typical deserts.

The festival, in addition to the numerous dishes prepared with the tasty vegetable as its base, includes also an accompaniment of music and local craft exhibitions including that of wrought iron.

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