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Festival of Saint Anne Sorrento

20 July 2009 | No comments

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Type of event: Patron festival
Event Date: 26 July
Location: district of Marina Grande, Sorrento

The district of Marina Grande in Sorrento, still today, sees a community very much attached to the traditions of the sea and its patron saint: Saint Anne.

On 26 July, the locals of Marina Grande celebrate the Saint, through an evocative ritual that mixes together both folklore and ritual.

Saint Anne is also the protector of pregnant women. On this occasion, Marina Grande, is populated with boats and illumination which mingle with the lights of the Sorrentine Peninsula and the islands of the Gulf of Naples.

The event generally lasts three nights and takes place entirely on the beach under the banner of music, games and degustation that accompanies the religious rites, such as the famous procession with the statue of Saint Anne through the city streets.

An impressive fireworks display with fireworks over the sea concludes the evening.


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