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Patron festival of Saint Anthony

13 February 2011 | No comments

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Type of event: Patron festival
Event date: 14 February
Location: Sorrento

On 14 February, the Sorrentine locals celebrate with great intensity, the patron saint of Sorrento, Saint Anthony.

This event embraces history, religion and culture and surpasses all other shows of faith and piety of the people who live in the city of Sorrento.

The event begins in the morning with a procession of the faithful, religious leaders and military who carry a silver statue of the patron saint through the streets of the city.

The legend narrates that when Sorrento was sacked by the Turks and the statue of the saint was stolen, the Sorrentine locals donated money to make another only to find that they did not have enough.  At that point, a miracle happened. Saint Anthony appeared to the sculptor and as a result of this vision, the sculptor paid directly for the statue.

The stalls and the characteristic lighting along the streets of the centre and the evening firework display complete the day and make 14 February in Sorrento a day of great festivity!


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