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Christmas in Sorrento

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Type of event: Christmas
Event date: December
Location: Sorrento

Christmas in Sorrento is a not to be missed occasion. The city transforms itself into a chorographical play of coloured lights and a program of interesting events is organised.

The Christmas celebrations officially commence on 8 December (Festival of the Immaculate Conception), the day on which you start preparing the nativity scene and end on 6 January (Festival of the Epiphany) when the nativity scene is taken down.

During this Christmas period, you can admire theatrical Christmas illuminations along principal streets and piazze (squares) of Sorrento, supplemented by the powerful beams of light from the surrounding hills of Sorrento.

Wreaths, garlands and colourful trees complete the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Sorrento in addition to the traditional nativity scene, much of which is realised with the valuable shepherds of the ancient Neapolitan nativity school.

During Christmas, nativity scenes are scattered in every corner of Sorrento: in the principal churches, as well as the Sedil Dominova and even in the shop front of some shops.

The nativity scenes of Sorrento, offer a truly enchanting, rich and evocative depiction of shepherds and are more or less ancient. They all deserve to be visited.

Of particular note are the live nativity scenes that attract the faithful and visitors alike from all of Italy.

Another highly characteristic feature of Christmas in Sorrento are the Pipers, that visit all the houses of the city to play pastoral melodies to the locals. On December 12, an impressive concert is held by the Pipers that conclude in Piazza Lauro (Lauro square).

The events organised during this period, span from the sacred to the profane, from concerts to festivals to the theatrical events. Of great artistic and cultural value, are the numerous concerts of music and songs that are held in the most attractive areas of Sorrento.

On Christmas day, in the heart of the historical centre, the merchants of Sorrento organise an outdoor table with pasta and beans, sausages and roasted pork chops, broccoli and zeppole (a donut like pastry) and Christmas sweets. At the conclusion of the night, there is tombolata a premi (bingo like game with prices) under the stars.

Finally, a truly distinctive show are the fireworks at the port of Marina Piccola, at the centre of the bay of Sorrento, accompanied by celebrations, songs and dances held in the Hotels and along the streets of Sorrento.

In short, not withstanding the fact that Sorrento is considered a mainly summer tourist location, it can reveal a pleasant surprise even in the winter period, in the manner of giving you a truly memorable Christmas.

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