Sorrento Dreaming Sorrento Events Exhibitions of antiques in Sorrento – “Sorrento Antiquaria”

Exhibitions of antiques in Sorrento – “Sorrento Antiquaria”

04 November 2010 | 1 comment

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“Sorrento Antiquaria” the event name that will be featured, until 25 December, all second Saturdays and Sundays of December, in Veniero Square in Sorrento.
Organized by the Antiques Association of Sorrento, the event will feature, in addition to exhibitions of antiques, also anexhibition of different handcrafts and collectables, making it interesting for anyone wishing to take home some rare and unique piece of art.
Famous antiques are prepared on several stands where visitors can enjoy different types of objects of value, such as furniture and silverware, furnishing components and ornamentshandmade objects all made from valuable craftsmen.
If antiques are a passion for you, a way to remain anchored to the roots or simply something that sparks curiosity, then “Sorrento Antiquaria” will truly satisfy you.
We0ll be waiting for you then, in the beautiful scenery of Sorrento, Veniero Square, every second Saturday and Sunday of every month until December 25th.

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