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Typical products

Limoncello di Sorrento

Sorrento Typical Products

The gastronomy of the Peninsular displays certain vitality with the numerous typical products DOP (protected designation of origin) and local... read more-→
Fiordilatte di Sorrento

The Fiordilatte of Sorrento

The fiordilatte is a stringy cheese, obtained through the fermentation of cow’s milk.... read more-→
Limone di Sorrento

Lemons of Sorrento IGP

The lemon groves of Sorrento are strongly characterised by the landscape of the Sorrentine... read more-→
Noci di Sorrento

Walnuts of Sorrento

The presence of walnut trees, for centuries, characterised the hilly Sorrentine landscape and at one time was the one of... read more-→
Olio extravergine d'oliva DOP

Extra virgin olive oil DOP

Thanks to its proximity to the sea and to the volcanic terrain, the fruits that come from the olive trees... read more-→
La pizza napoletana

Neapolitan Pizza

The Margherita pizza was born in 1889 when Queen Margherita of Savoy, whilst visiting Naples was offered a pizza topped... read more-→
Arance di Sorrento

Sorrento Oranges

The cultivation of the orange, together with that of the lemon, has always constituted an important source of income for... read more-→
Limoncello di Sorrento

Sorrento Limoncello

The essential ingredient for the preparation of the original Sorrento Limoncello is the yellow wrinkled peel of theSorrento lemon IGP... read more-→


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