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Food and drink in Sorrento

08 May 2010 | No comments

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When you think of a classic seafood salad or fresh seafood spaghetti, your mind immediately runs to Sorrento, to the Sorrento Peninsular and to the long tradition of enogastronomy (food and wine) which has become an international benchmark.

Sorrento, thanks to the perfect union between the characteristics of the land and the utilisation of fish resources, offers a large variety of renowned specialties.

The Sorrentine gastronomy has its base in a substantially dual purpose cuisine: on one hand, a folk tradition that utilises vegetables, shellfish and cereals; and on the other, cuisine that has evolved in recent years leading to a re-visitation of some typical dishes without betraying the spirit and the basic ingredients.

The restaurants in Sorrento are wide and varied and offer dishes for every palate, from the simplest to the most refined.

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