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Extra virgin olive oil DOP

20 December 2009 | No comments

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Thanks to its proximity to the sea and to the volcanic terrain, the fruits that come from the olive trees of the Sorrentine Peninsular are particularly suitable for pressing. Robust, dense and flavoursome, the oil of the Sorrentine Peninsular is obtained from the Ogliarola or Minucciola variety and to a lesser extent the varieties known as Rotondella, Frantonio or Lecciso, either alone or jointly.

This is an oil of low acidity, pale yellow with possible green highlights. Its scent is fruity with a vague hint of aromatic herbs, while its flavour plays on the taste of a fresh olive.

The olive comes cultivated on terraces of the Peninsular, overlooking the sea.

It’s the marine influence, united with the natural volcanic nature of the land that promotes the optimum development of these aromatic olives. It is an oil of intense taste that you accompany with structured preparations: just a few drops render the simplest dish flavoursome.

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